Vaccine A4 Wallet


Vaccine A4 Wallet
An A4 sized thermal wallet often used by district medical staff to courier epi-pens and other smaller pharmaceutical products during home visits in the community. A unique triple layer insulation developed from the NASA space programme.  It comprises and inner reflective layer, a hollow fibre filler and a robust woven PVC.  It is lightweight, hygienic, easily cleaned and complies with the UK and US safety requirements.  For transport of vaccines and temperature-critical products it is important to use the appropriate system – see the full range of products at: , or call for advice. All products are waterproof, anti-fungal and have rot proof stitching
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All Polar Thermal Packaging products carry a two year guarantee subject to normal wear and tear.

A4 Vaccine Carrying Wallet

The A4 Vaccine Carrying Wallet is small enough to be stored conveniently and left in the fridge overnight to ensure maximum performance.  The bag MUST be used with suitable gel/cool packs and appropriately prepared – it should be kept refrigerated before use.
Storage capacity  2ltrs
Weight empty   0.300 kgs
External surface material Cotton coated PVC
Internal lining material Cotton coated PVC
Insulation material Patented Polar Thermal material
Insulation thickness 45mm
External dimensions W 360mm  H 260mm
Internal dimensions W 310mm  H 210mm
Fixings Velcro
Thermal conductance (w/m².k) 1.01 ± 0.1
Thermal conductivity (w/m.k)  0.05 ± 0.005

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