Vaccine 10L Carrying Bag


The 10L Vaccine Carrying Bag is an ideal solution for healthcare providers, pharmacies and medical facilities looking to transport vaccines and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals safely and securely.

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10L Vaccine Carrying Bag

The 10L Vaccine Carrying Bag is sutable for the short-term transportation of any temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals.  It boasts two strong, durable handles and is lightweight and easy-to-store.  We recommend the use of gel packs to ensure that temperatures are kept within an acceptable range. Features
  • Able to maintain stable temperatures of medical items
  • Meets all requirements of UK Safety Acts and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation
  • Developed as a result of work done for the British Ministry of Defence, on developing highly specialised insulation products for non-refrigerated storage
  • Based on aerospace thermal insulation technology
  • Custom-made from a triple insulation system proven in service
  • Can be produced to order or meet any size requirement
  • Capacity: 10ltrs
  • Estimated Capacity of 80 HPV packs (not allowing for any gel packs)
  • Weight: 0.76kg
  • Externally: 400mm x 220mm x 280mm
  • Internally: 355mm x 175mm x 235mm
  • Other: Industrial zip closer
If opening and closing during use, it is recommended to use the following:
  • 10L safety Pack
If used correctly, this product will keep chilled products at critical temperatures for extended periods in transit without the need for continuous refrigeration or chilled environment.
Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 400 × 220 × 280 cm

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