Polar Dot Box

Polar Dot Box
Polar DotBox™ is a lightweight thermal liner that fits snugly into a standard Euro 44l tote, reducing or eliminating the need for refrigeration in vehicles.

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The Polar Dot Box is an insulated home delivery box As diesel vehicles are phased out and electric vehicles brought in Polar DotBox™ becomes even more valuable –a market leader among temperature controlled packaging boxes, the Polar dot Box, saves weight, increases fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emmissions, whilst extendg the range of electric vehicles. The thermal inserts are made of durable 100% recyclable Polypropylene with the cooling lid held in place by the bale arms. If you use Euro Stacking and Nesting Containers and you deliver fresh, chilled or frozen goods then you should be looking at this! Optional digital readout gives you the internal temperature of the crate, accurate to within 0.1 degrees. Ideal if you are delivering to customers and want to show the quality of your service!
  • Fits standard tote – Euro 44l
  • Lightweight
  • Stores flat
  • Thermally Effective
  • Chilled, Fresh or Frozen goods
  • Simple to use

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