Performance Roll Cage

This sturdy, lightweight, durable thermal roll cage was developed with a leading public-sector procurement organisation to safely deliver frozen, chilled and perishable produce over multiple drops.

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A unique triple layer insulation developed from the NASA space programme. It comprises and inner reflective layer, a hollow fibre filler and a robust woven PVC. It is lightweight, hygienic, easily cleaned and complies with the UK and US safety requirements. All products are waterproof, anti-fungal and have rot proof stitching. Overall, Polar Thermal covers and Liners offer a variety of benefits to users. They provide thermal protection in extreme conditions, can be tailored to fit specific needs, and can even reduce transportation costs. With additional features like handles, inflatable tyres and document pouches, they are designed to be convenient and easy to use. Additionally,  products can be returned for recycling, reducing waste and helping to promote sustainability.

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