Sustainable Military Field Systems & Protection for Temperature Control & Troops

Polar Thermal, a subsidiary of Aerotrim special projects, has been a leading defence supplier for the ministry of defence, the armed forces and other UK security agencies. Their extensive experience in developing solutions for the military has made them a trusted provider of essential equipment and technology.

One such example is their military tent insulation, which has been designed to provide exceptional thermal performance in challenging environments. This insulation has been used in field hospitals and other military applications to help maintain a comfortable environment for personnel.

As a NATO-approved manufacturer, Polar Thermal’s Warminster factory is equipped to manufacture, maintain, and repair products for military use. This accreditation ensures that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety, which is crucial for military operations.

Aerotrim Special Projects, of which Polar Thermal is a part, has a reputation for developing ruggedised versions of many of their standard products. This approach ensures that their equipment can withstand the demanding conditions of military use, while still providing the performance and reliability needed to support military operations.

Overall, Polar Thermal’s experience as a defence supplier and their status as a NATO-approved manufacturer make them a trusted provider of essential equipment for the military. Their partnership with Aerotrim Special Projects has allowed them to develop innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by military personnel, ensuring that they have the tools they need to complete their missions safely and effectively.


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