Humane, Fresh Lobster Shipper from Polar Thermal Packaging

Lobster shipping thermal bag - live lobsters
Lobster Carrier

Polar Thermal Packaging Ltd have developed a reusable and recyclable fresh lobster transporter,ensuring safe and humane handling.

The World seafood market, according to various statistic, is set to increase from this year’s estimated sales of $B289 to $B335 in three years’ time. The major consumer is China who is also the major producer.

Specifically, the lobster market is expected to gross 400 thousand tons by the end of 2025. This driven by rising middle class incomes across the world coupled with the desire for a healthy, vitamin and mineral rich food.

Polar Thermal Packaging Ltd of Warminster, Wilts, UK, was approached by a major international lobster producer, requesting a design for the transport of fresh lobsters by air. This solution had to keep the lobsters alive and in prime condition, whilst not causing stress to the crustacea during likely transits of 12 to 72 hours.

Additionally, it was proposed that the concept should be re-useable and recyclable, with cases holding up to 24 creatures, the solution should ideally be space saving and able to be flat packed for reverse logistics.

Having researched the approved methodology for live crustacea transport the PolarThermal solution was based on their well proven vaccine bags used worldwide in the pharma and medical fields.

The bags maintain a temperature of around +4°C, with sufficient airflow, this is achieved by individually hydrated wraps ensuring the lobsters remain moist and cool.

The PolarThermal shipper is configurable to accommodate other fish and seafood transportation.

For bulk airfreight shipments, we recommend our Polar LD3 thermal liner, with additional coolants, this is a proven method for maintaining product quality.

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