COVID-19 and 5-Day Shipper

Testing times for everyone, but some developments may prove helpful in this crisis. Polar Thermal developed a system for Pfizer for large-scale deployment of vaccines in a pan-European clinical trial – a hand-portable system to carry 600 vaccines and maintain them safely within temperature range for 5 days, and the lightweight pallet-based solution called Bluekoat which was used to distribute 1,200 vaccines.

Field-tested and used in anger these two systems performed superbly and received an unprecedented endorsement from the Pfizer director responsible. (copy available!)

Polar is operating safely currently but ensuring that vital orders for the NHS and our cold-chain logistics customers are fulfilled. Phones are being answered, office staff are working remotely wherever possible and key factory staff have embraced the safe working practice laid out by Public Health England.

To that end we have 80 complete 5-Day Shippers available for immediate dispatch and a good stock of all Vaccine Bags for supply to the NHS.

NHS Vaccine Bags ready for dispatch

We are committed to working through the crisis – we are collaborating well with our fulfillment partners and suppliers and hope to continue an uninterrupted service.

For more information on the 5 Day Shippers – CLICK HERE