Thermal Roll Cage

Polar Thermal has been working with one of their key customers for several years on a new solution for the safe and efficient delivery of chilled and frozen food to multiple drop-offs.

All the theory in the world may get you some great ideas, but there is nothing like the day-to-day reality of making it happen to push you to a solution that ticks all the boxes. The Performance Roll Cage is sturdy, yet lightweight – it has well-positioned handles for moving the cage around and securing it quickly in the delivery vehicle. Strong wheels with quick-release brakes make the cage manoeuvrable and steady. The waterproof cover protects the contents in all conditions.

Inside the thermal cover is a sliding thermal pillow which drops down as product is taken out ensuring the chill space is maintained (cold chain people will know that empty space is what we definitely don’t need!), and the sleeved coolant mesh-packs do their job, whilst reducing condensation impact on the boxed product.

Add to that constant temperature monitoring, recording and reporting and you have the complete Cold Chain Delivery Solution.

Polar Thermal is focusing more and more on the last mile – some even more exciting announcements are just around the corner.