Advanced Developments in Vaccine Transport

Vaccine Transport, a critical area at home and overseas whether by air or road 

Our popular range of Vaccine Bags has been extended at the request of a number of NHS Trusts to include a convenient 3 Litre bag and a universal 75 litre unit.

These now complement our standard range of 10, 20, and 30 litre carry bags which are ideal for static or peripatetic vaccination programs.  lasting up to 8 hours with a minimal loss of 0.74°C per hour with the product put in at 2°C and the lid left unopened! 

An inner lid reduces thermal leakage, helping to maintain temperature parameters despite repeated opening of the bag.  Developed using NASA technology our Polartherm™insulation is made up of an inner reflective layer, a hollow fibre filler material, that is both tough and lightweight, with excellent thermal control properties.  


Every square meter of Polar insulation, is produced from over 600 recycled plastic bottles. 

The Vaccine Safety Pack – Thermal Pillow, coolants and separators

Polar, through NHS testing, advise the use of 5°C cool packs to help maintain temperature,  using these at top, bottom and sides. These together with our thermal separators give greater added protection should the bag be opened often.   A thermal pillow fits snugly on top and is moved down as vaccines are dispensed to maintain the temperature of the remaining units.

These “Vaccine Safety Packs” can be bought as part of the system, or separately – they are available of all Polar Vaccine Bags.

Nurse’s Clam Shell

The Nurses clam shell bag , designed for care in the community, along with thermal vaccine carriers, have been designed to maintain a temperature of between a 2° to 8°C for up to 8 hours, especially for use with vaccination programmes or specimen collection.