Getting Greener

Polar Thermal is known for its ethos of reuse whenever possible, but we are looking to back our commitment to the environment in every project we take on.

Paul Harrison, CEO of Polar, is widely respected for his stance on sustainability without reduction in performance, and believes that we are entering into an exciting phase – the methods and mantra he has been pushing for years are now coming of age.

Currently we are developing a number of “last mile” solutions that will make a big contribution to ethical deliveries, but we should also remember that the PolarTherm™ Fibre that is a core component of many of our systems is mainly produced from recycling plastic bottles – 20 are used for each kilo of fibre.

We are also interested in using material produced from recycling plastic in the ocean – in Spain, Ecoalf have already recovered over 400 tonnes since 2015 – at Polar we look forward to incorporating even more sustainability into our products.