Space industry behind new insulating blanket

The new Polartherm insulating blanket owes its origins to the US space programme.

Independent trials at Cambridge Refrigeration Technology’s proving labs have shown that Polartherm material has the best thermal insulating profile in its class, revealing a thermal conduction value of 1.19W/m K.

For the air freight industry, the company supplies high integrity liners for LD3, LD7 and LD9 configurations that are collapsible and reusable. These passive liners offer an alternative to other more bulky, battery-powered systems.

Currently, supermarket clients are shipping fresh produce to Dubai and Hong Kong from the UK without additional temperature controls. Cold blocks may be used for extended thermal performance, but typically a LD3 container will maintain 2-4⁰C for 32 hours in ambient temperatures of up to 35⁰C.

For pallet loads, the Tranzcube is a versatile cover offering a lightweight insulation jacket and a high density, lightweight rugged, poly pallet base, bringing immediate benefits to the storage and transportation of frozen, chilled, hot or ambient products. In tests with the Royal Navy, such covers have kept a pallet of 22⁰C frozen foods at a stable temperature, with minimal loss of 4⁰C over a ten hour journey at an ambient 30⁰C.