PolarThermal Wins Major NHS Contract for Blood Transport Bags

Following exhaustive tests set against the UK National Health Service’s  demanding specification, Polar Thermal Ltd of Warminster, UK have won the contract for the supply of high insulation carriers suitable for the shipment of blood plasma and platelets.

The specification stipulated containers must be capable of maintaining the surface temperature of packed donations at ≥+20°C for the duration of a collection session (8 hours, ambient temperature +16°C) plus the period of time to transport them between the session venue and a Blood Centre (3 hours, ambient temperature -5°C). The bag tested fully compliant. Indeed data loggers recorded that this temperature profile was kept for at least 12 hours; easily exceeding requirements.

The carrier needs no inserted coolants or padding. The contents of up to 10 donations are protected by an integral self-inflating cushion, which takes up any free space. Their design allows for lay flat storage and transportation. All materials are waterproof and antifungal.