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Polarthermal Products work closely with manufacturers and shippers developing solutions for the safe and effective transportation of temperature critical transits.

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‘Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) is becoming an important temperature range, with medicines in this bracket expected to grow in popularity.

As a result, regulators around the globe are paying closer attention to temperature controls and data from shipments of CRT and “ambient” products.

This scrutiny places pressure on pharmaceutical companies, freight forwarders and transporters to invent new more suitable handling procedures for CRT products.

Consumer expectations of a low purchase price for ambient pharmaceuticals, leave suppliers with no option but to adopt economical production and distribution strategies.

However, it is vital these leaner strategies do not increase the chances of thermal deviations which threaten efficacy and patient safety

Drawing from his experience, Rafael Palma, Regional Logistics Manager (Latin America) at Abbvie will explore how shippers can best transport CRT medicines to the world’s patients.’

This webinar is a part of Pharma Logistics IQ’s online event – Temperature Controlled Logistics Live 2018.

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