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We are Polar Thermal


Polar Thermal Packaging Ltd manufacture a range of temperature control insulated systems. They include transport packaging for blood products, food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and many other specialist applications. Our entry in to the thermal control market came following a request by the Ministry of Defence to solve the problem of frozen food melting at the dockside. Since then our CEO Paul Harrison and the team, have put their design skills and entrepreneurial flair to good use, making applications for the National Blood Service, Van den Berg Oils, DHL, Excel Global Logistics, Marks and Spencer, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Astra Zeneca and Pfizer to name but a few.

Our primary target markets are Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research Organisations, Health Service Providers, Perishable Food Distributors and Logistics Companies, although our range of unique products are easily transferable to many other industries and service sectors.

We believe we have the best performing British product in its field, and all our products are manufactured at our Wiltshire based factory. All systems are reusable and have a two year guarantee.


Our products are now used throughout the world – we are continually exploring new markets and seeking partners that share our vision. If this is you then please get in touch!


In recent testing by NHS England our products scored 100/100 – our closest competitor scored 72. Why? Because whilst many products may be made to look like ours they do not use the same materials nor do they have our British workmanship


Our products have been deployed in the harshest and most testing environments and proved themselves – whether it is constant daily use in UK hospitals or in conflict-zones like Afghanistan you can be assured of effective and durable service.

Front Office

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

Chief Executive

Paul is the founder and leader of Polar Thermal - he has built a reputation as a problem solver with a 'can do' attitude. Paul has an old-school view on integrity and values getting the job done.

Alex Porter

Alex Porter

Commercial Manager

Alex is an experienced manager tasked with driving the business forward as it continues to grow.

Jemma Griffiths

Jemma Griffiths

Office Manager

Jemma runs the office with a firm hand, keeps the staff and the books in order. If you want anything done Jemma is the person to start with.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Who's Counting?

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At our world class manufacturing facility in Warminster, UK we produce nearly all of our products using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled, time-served staff. It is not our policy to contract out, and we stand over everything that we supply.



We provide a full design service as well as designing and developing our own products.

Test Facility

Test Facility

We have full in-house testing facilities up to 6 metres x 3 metres - temperatures from -40°C to +40°C.

From the Blog

Gist wins BIFA Award with PolarPod™


Gist have been announced the winner of the Cool and Special Cargoes Award in this year’s British International Freight Association Freight Service Awards.

The awards recognise organisations who are the best in the industry for specialist cargo and refrigerated services.

Gist, with partner Polar Thermal, developed an innovative, durable and environmentally-friendly bespoke packaging design to maintain the temperature of chilled products moving internationally by road and air for up to 60 hours. The solution is used for customers, including Tesco, for their global chilled supply chain.

With the new PolarPods™, Gist was able to reduce waste by more than 30% and improve overall speed by more than 20% whilst keeping the products at the correct temperature. More information on PolarPod™ – CLICK HERE

More information about the win and awards can be found here:

Further information about the BIFA awards, visit


Vaccines made in Belgium could be sent to the UK on military planes

Millions of vaccines against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) produced in Belgium could be airlifted to the United Kingdom on military planes, The Guardian reported on Saturday evening.

According to the report, based on sources in the British ministries of Health and Defense, contacts have already been made and the airlift would be envisaged from the 1st of January if railway, road and sea traffic is congested.

This would appear to reflect concern on the part of the British Government about the consequences of Brexit for transport.

All options are open for transporting the vaccines, but military planes are the most viable one, according to British officials close to the issue.

About 800,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine have already been transported through the tunnel under the English Channel, and another 5 million are expected in Britain by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the difficult negotiations between the EU and the UK on the Brexit agreement were scheduled to resume on Sunday.

The Brussels Times

Vaccine Transport Systems

Polar Thermal is ready to take whatever vaccines are made available and assist in their safe movement by air, sea, road, rail, bike or by hand – from manufacture to final delivery.

We may not know exactly what will be required but we do know that Polar Thermal will have the solution. Why? Because Polar Thermal has developed a complete range of Vaccine Transport Systems – from Bulk Vaccine Shipments to individual doses.

Trusted by major pharmaceutical and life science companies like Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Roche not to mention our longstanding relationship with the NHS and NHS BT.

Vaccine Delivery

Paul Harrison, Managing Director, appears on BBC Morning Live with Shane Brennan to discuss the difficulties of delivering Covid-19 vaccines at very low temperatures, and also the prospect of large-scale distribution of other vaccines at more manageable temperatures.


COVID-19 Vaccines – The Blues And Ease Of Cold Storage

(RTTNews) – The tally of COVID-19 cases has crossed the 54 million mark globally, with fatalities of over 1.31 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University. With over 11 million cases and more than 246,000 fatalities, the U.S. remains the worst-hit country by the pandemic.

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Pfizer Clinical Trial

Polar Thermal Packaging go back a long way: collaboration on Clinical Trials has been made a valuable contribution to the Research & Development Department at Polar.

Pfizer Global Research & Development contracted Polar Thermal as the lead in cold chain package development and manufacturing. The trial was expanded to cover UK, Netherlands and the US over a 65 week period – Polar had responsibility for cold chain packaging solutions supporting clinical supply and day to day distribution activities from drug product stage through delivery to clinical site or to a subject’s residence.

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