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Polar Thermal Packaging Ltd manufacture a range of temperature control insulated systems. They include transport packaging for blood products, food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and many other specialist applications. Our entry in to the thermal control market came following a request by the Ministry of Defence to solve the problem of frozen food melting at the dockside. Since then our CEO Paul Harrison and the team, have put their design skills and entrepreneurial flair to good use, making applications for the National Blood Service, Van den Berg Oils, DHL, Excel Global Logistics, Marks and Spencer, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Astra Zeneca and Pfizer to name but a few.

Our primary target markets are Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research Organisations, Health Service Providers, Perishable Food Distributors and Logistics Companies, although our range of unique products are easily transferable to many other industries and service sectors.

We believe we have the best performing British product in its field, and all our products are manufactured at our Wiltshire based factory. All systems are reusable and have a two year guarantee.


Our products are now used throughout the world – we are continually exploring new markets and seeking partners that share our vision. If this is you then please get in touch!


In recent testing by NHS England our products scored 100/100 – our closest competitor scored 87. Why? Because whilst many products may be made to look like ours they do not use the same materials nor do they have our British workmanship


Our products have been deployed in the harshest and most testing environments and proved themselves – whether it is constant daily use in UK hospitals or in conflict-zones like Afghanistan you can be assured of effective and durable service.

Front Office

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

Chief Executive

Paul is the founder and leader of Polar Thermal - he has built a reputation as a problem solver with a 'can do' attitude. Paul has an old-school view on integrity and values getting the job done.

Alex Porter

Alex Porter

Commercial Director

Alex is an experienced manager tasked with driving the business forward as it continues to grow.

Jemma Griffiths

Jemma Griffiths

Office Manager

Jemma runs the office with a firm hand, keeps the staff and the books in order. If you want anything done Jemma is the person to start with.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Who's Counting?

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At our world class manufacturing facility in Warminster, UK we produce nearly all of our products using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled, time-served staff. It is not our policy to contract out, and we stand over everything that we supply.



We provide a full design service as well as designing and developing our own products.

Test Facility

Test Facility

We have full in-house testing facilities up to 6 metres x 3 metres - temperatures from -40°C to +40°C.

From the Blog

COVID-19 and 5-Day Shipper

Testing times for everyone, but some developments may prove helpful in this crisis. Polar Thermal developed a system for Pfizer for large-scale deployment of vaccines in a pan-European clinical trial – a hand-portable system to carry 600 vaccines and maintain them safely within temperature range for 5 days, and the lightweight pallet-based solution called Bluekoat which was used to distribute 1,200 vaccines.

Field-tested and used in anger these two systems performed superbly and received an unprecedented endorsement from the Pfizer director responsible. (copy available!)

Polar is operating safely currently but ensuring that vital orders for the NHS and our cold-chain logistics customers are fulfilled. Phones are being answered, office staff are working remotely wherever possible and key factory staff have embraced the safe working practice laid out by Public Health England.

To that end we have 80 complete 5-Day Shippers available for immediate dispatch and a good stock of all Vaccine Bags for supply to the NHS.

NHS Vaccine Bags ready for dispatch

We are committed to working through the crisis – we are collaborating well with our fulfillment partners and suppliers and hope to continue an uninterrupted service.

For more information on the 5 Day Shippers – CLICK HERE

Give Blood – we look after it!

One customer we are particularly proud to have is NHS Blood & Transplant – this summer we celebrate 5 years as the supplier of Whole Blood Transport Systems to the NHS. As part of that comprehensive framework agreement we regularly service the systems at our Warminster factory,

We are all rightly proud of our NHS – a major British institution that leads the world, and at Polar Thermal we would like to think that we are doing our bit – another, albeit minor, British institution!

The rigorous testing process we went through to achieve our position with the NHS was demanding, as it should be. Independent inspections of our factory, work processes, warranties and materials – the final ret siadsult 100/100 against all comers. The company and their system that came closest to us achieved a score of 67/100 – we were especially pleased that on this occasion our British engineering should come out significantly ahead of our German competitor!

That said, the NHS endorsement validates our Whole Blood, Platelet, Plasma and Transplant Systems for use by the other 27 European Blood Alliance members as well as the National Blood Services from Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Polar Thermal is working with the Department for International Trade to explore these opportunities.

Thermal Roll Cage

Polar Thermal has been working with one of their key customers for several years on a new solution for the safe and efficient delivery of chilled and frozen food to multiple drop-offs.

All the theory in the world may get you some great ideas, but there is nothing like the day-to-day reality of making it happen to push you to a solution that ticks all the boxes. The Performance Roll Cage is sturdy, yet lightweight – it has well-positioned handles for moving the cage around and securing it quickly in the delivery vehicle. Strong wheels with quick-release brakes make the cage manoeuvrable and steady. The waterproof cover protects the contents in all conditions.

Inside the thermal cover is a sliding thermal pillow which drops down as product is taken out ensuring the chill space is maintained (cold chain people will know that empty space is what we definitely don’t need!), and the sleeved coolant mesh-packs do their job, whilst reducing condensation impact on the boxed product.

Add to that constant temperature monitoring, recording and reporting and you have the complete Cold Chain Delivery Solution.

Polar Thermal is focusing more and more on the last mile – some even more exciting announcements are just around the corner.

Live Lobster to China!

Polar Thermal’s reputation for solving problems in an ethical way is spreading. It may have escaped your notice but the ongoing trade spat between the US and China has created opportunities for others.

Nova Scotia, the Canadian Province most famous for its seafood, is having a bonanza. Nova Scotia’s live lobster exports to China have totalled £130 million in the first six months of 2019, up 144 per cent over the same period in 2018, according to the province. Nova Scotia’s lobster industry provides the lion’s share of the Canadian supply of live lobster.

Most of the 18,000 tonnes of lobster were exported out of Halifax Stanfield International Airport in 2019, a major challenge as the key for their success is to transport the lobster live and healthy to their destination.

What better way to achieve this than with Polar Thermal’s breathable shipping cover system complete with coolant bandoleers.

In the same period interest in Polar’s products has resulted in new customers and markets opening up in Canada and Alaska with the company now supplying the US Coastguard in Kodiak and Edmonton International Airport in Alberta.

Canadian Broadcaster CBC is reporting on the huge growth in the market: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/china-overtook-us-canada-s-largest-market-for-live-lobster-1.5416962 whilst Polar Thermal has developed their breathable PolarQuilt to bring a stable solution.

Med-Tech Innovation 2020

Polar Thermal are delighted to announce that they will be launching an exciting new system at Med-Tech Innovation 2020 at the NEC on 1st-2nd April.

Whilst the system is currently under wraps, the Polar collaboration with several trade partners will go public in Birmingham.

More information on the event can be found at https://med-techexpo.com/event/en/page/home .

Polar Thermal Vaccine Bags

Advanced Developments in Vaccine Transport

Vaccine Transport, a critical area at home and overseas whether by air or road 

Our popular range of Vaccine Bags has been extended at the request of a number of NHS Trusts to include a convenient 3 Litre bag and a universal 75 litre unit.

These now complement our standard range of 10, 20, and 30 litre carry bags which are ideal for static or peripatetic vaccination programs.  lasting up to 8 hours with a minimal loss of 0.74°C per hour with the product put in at 2°C and the lid left unopened! 

An inner lid reduces thermal leakage, helping to maintain temperature parameters despite repeated opening of the bag.  Developed using NASA technology our Polartherm™insulation is made up of an inner reflective layer, a hollow fibre filler material, that is both tough and lightweight, with excellent thermal control properties.  


Every square meter of Polar insulation, is produced from over 600 recycled plastic bottles. 

The Vaccine Safety Pack – Thermal Pillow, coolants and separators

Polar, through NHS testing, advise the use of 5°C cool packs to help maintain temperature,  using these at top, bottom and sides. These together with our thermal separators give greater added protection should the bag be opened often.   A thermal pillow fits snugly on top and is moved down as vaccines are dispensed to maintain the temperature of the remaining units.

These “Vaccine Safety Packs” can be bought as part of the system, or separately – they are available of all Polar Vaccine Bags.

Nurse’s Clam Shell

The Nurses clam shell bag , designed for care in the community, along with thermal vaccine carriers, have been designed to maintain a temperature of between a 2° to 8°C for up to 8 hours, especially for use with vaccination programmes or specimen collection. 

PolarThermal in Innovation Award!

Clive Lawrance, long-term associate of Polar Thermal and MD of Omnia Management winner of the 1st Cool Logistics ‘Innovation in Perishable Logistics’ Award

LONDON, 19.09. 2019 Clive Lawrance, Omnia Management, was announced yesterday as the winner of the 1st Cool Logistics ‘Innovation in Perishable Logistics’ Award at the 11th Cool Logistics Global Conference in Valencia.  The winner of the award was selected by an international panel of stakeholders with an interest in furthering perishable supply chain excellence. Omnia Management was recognized for its contribution and adding value to the cold supply chain.  

Omnia Management has set the standard for innovation in the cold supply chain “It was a great honour to receive the award at Cool Logistics Valencia.  True recognition of my Shortest Route to Market using innovation to remove outer packaging in the Logistic supply chain” said Clive Lawrance, Omnia Management.

Omnia Management implemented a packaging project in three countries, working with growers and major retail importers.  Polar Thermal covers were used to maintain fresh produce temperature integrity throughout the supply chain instead of typical packagings such as cardboard, plastic or polystyrene. This reduced wastage at the point of destination. Straight-line temperatures were maintained throughout the journey of the fresh produce together with significant cost reductions in packaging and waste disposal.  Reducing waste packaging waste is an issue of global interest, and in this case, the waste packaging reductions were achieved in the air freight cold chain.  Packaging, reducing waste and the use of plastic packaging have been major themes through Cool Logistic Global 2019 so the judging panel was delighted to recognize and acknowledge the importance of Omnia Management’s initiative

The Award was kindly sponsored by Martico, a leading freight forwarder. Specialists in the management of any type of load at controlled, refrigerated or frozen, Martico covers the entire logistics chain and exports and imports reefers by sea, land and air.

11th Cool Logistics Global

17-19 September 2019
Hotel Meliá
Valencia, Spain



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